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Visualize Your Brand Story With Video Marketing Services

Results driven video marketing campaigns that help you increase brand awareness and improve audience engagement.
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Tactics 01

  • Strategy and audit
  • Creative brief
  • Pre-production planning
  • Production

Tactics 02

  • Video editing
  • Animation
  • Video ads
  • On-Location Shoots

Tactics 03

  • Studio Productions
  • Testimonials
  • YouTube + TikTok Videos
  • GIFs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is video marketing?
Video is a form of digital marketing that helps brands raise awareness for their product and services on high-traffic platforms. Video marketing services include video strategy, development, and distribution.
How does video marketing work?
Whether you need a team of script writers to help you execute your video campaign or a team of talent to help execute your scripts, or even both, our ITEX creative studio can help. Our team can assist with on-location shoots or even film viral social media content in-house.
How effective is video marketing?
Unlike traditional television advertising, which requires high production costs and time slots, all businesses today can create high-quality video content across the internet. Video marketing is data-driven and ensures that the production of a video results in the best return.

Videos Generate More Engagement Than Text and Image Content Combined

Video marketing produces measurable results that can help you maximize your MROI.

You do not have to sacrifice measurable results when trying to increase brand awareness and community engagement. Every type of video can give you actionable insights into your target audience and what they care about. The right video marketing agency can help you utilize video to reach a larger audience, optimize conversion rate, and increase customer LTV.